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Education in the era of a Pandemic Summit Live*


The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and is set to radically transform the way we live and learn. #IIE2020


Online Learning


The realignment of Education priorities, that evolved from the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a seismic shift in Education. Adoption of technology-enabled Education has seen a big jump in recent times. Remote Learning accelerated by this crisis has become the new normal. Also, the appetite for digitally enabled Education models will grow.

Educational tech companies are scrambling to innovate, some schools are doing virtual classes better than others, and the most vulnerable students are being left behind. .This webinar will discuss the importance of combining the right data and technology to build a real-time personalization strategy that supports today’s Education needs. By using data to drive better experiences, The Education sector can be better equipped to deliver on consumer expectations and create opportunities for engagement during and after this crisis.

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Attend this Webinar and learn about:

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  • Education and skills development in the digital Age
  • The Role of technology in promoting access to higher education - for disadvantaged students
  • Keeping up with technology trends to enhance teaching, learning & Institutional Operations
  • Digital classrooms and mobile technology
  • Remote learning through devices
  • AI impact in higher education
  • Understanding the benefits of using IOT in education
  • Implementing digital literacy within educational environments
Who will benefit (audience)

• Universities
• Colleges
• Business Schools
• Government departments
• Public and Private Schools Corporate entities
• Education NGOs
• Edu-Tech innovators and startups
• Education technology solution providers
• Local, regional and international educational
  bodies and associations
• Examination boards and bodies

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