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As the market leader in Experience Analytics we thrive solving complex digital experience challenges. We combine the power of rich data, machine and crucial human intelligence to deliver better outcomes for you.

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Are you delivering consistent digital experiences in the switching economy?


A study from Salesforce revealed that 75% of consumers expect consistent digital experiences across channels and 73% are likely to switch if they don't get it. Technology has increased the number of digital channels, and marketing leaders have revealed that 34% of their budget is spent on channels they didn’t know existed five years ago.

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Clicktale joins Contentsquare to create new leader in digital experience


For more than ten years, Clicktale has been proud to lead the charge in experience analytics and behavioral insight. In this time, we have crafted a unique platform that goes far beyond traditional analytics, providing the world’s leading brands with unprecedented insights into both their customers’ purchase decisions and the human behaviors that drive those decisions.

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The state of digital experience in 2019


We’ve well and truly entered the “experience age”, where customers rate the brands they interact with on the experience they offer. In fact, more than half of customers (59%) will walk away from a brand after a string of bad experiences, while nearly one in five people will abandon a brand after just one bad experience, according to PwC.

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